Marketing Hospital’s Chief of Staff Exposed!

Grant Pasay - Real Marketer! Fake Doctor!It’s true! Chief of Staff, Grant Pasay, is a business owner like you…with his own set of quirks, random interests and (gasp!) fears…but also one MAGIC POWER.

Yes, quirks. Like being driven crazy by socks that are pulled up too high. Or feeling the need to strip hardcover books of their pesky dust jackets.

And random interests like painstakingly constructing rockets from flimsy materials only to blast them skyward in fiery streaks. Or playing the drums that are conveniently situated in his office.

Grant’s fears? The biggest of all is this: that promises of easy success will spawn a generation that can’t bring themselves to work.

Not that Grant’s a pessimist. Far from it. He has the greatest expectations for his daughter. And he can’t get enough of his wife of 28+ years.

Plus he gets nothing less than a kick out of helping businesses be more successful every day. How? By creating marketing messages and assets that persuade people to choose the life-improving solutions his clients offer.

And that one magic power?

Well, that would be the very thing that’s led to every success Grant has known to date:

Creatively applying the tried, tested and true to new situations…and enjoying the people and process involved.

He’s been doing that since he started his first marketing company way back in 1999!

And that power grew even more magical when Grant discovered:

  • marketing legend Dan Kennedy and the GKIC approach to marketing and business success
  • Infusionsoft and the power of marketing automation and total customer lifecycle marketing

Today, Grant continues to gorge himself on yesterday’s direct response marketing classics while soaking up the latest strategies and rolling it all together to create measurable results.

So, if you’re looking for…

…a bloke with one magic power to help you grow your revenues by fixing your old marketing while delivering new marketing that increases conversions

…if you can imagine having the Marketing Hospital team on your side without the costs of a marketing department or agency on your back

…if you have no idea where to begin but know you gotta get healthier marketing

…and if you realize you can’t get high value for low prices…yet you’d really like to have a good time along the way

…then see how you can get yourself some of that magic.

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Grant Pasay, Marketing Strategist and Direct Response Copywriter

The girls that mean everything to Marketing Strategist and Copywriter, Grant Pasay

Grant Pasay with marketer extraordinaire, Dan KennedyGrant Pasay - Infusionsoft Trained User - with Scott Richins at Infusionsoft University

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