Copywriting for Non-Copywriters: Use Headlines to Select Your Audience

I'm guessing you're interested in copywriting, but you don't consider yourself a copywriter. If I'm correct, don't go thinking I'm psychic. I simply used this blog post's title (which is really just another type of [...]

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Copywriting Template: How To Use The Power of Analogical Persuasion

Are you using Analogical Persuasion to make your marketing as persuasive as it can be? I hope so... ...because you're already good at it, whether you know it or not. Better yet, Analogical Persuasion is [...]

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The Solution To Marketing Uncertainty

When I was about 6 years old, my parents gave me a storybook parable. And I completely missed the moral of the story! Little did I know how that would affect my business years later. [...]

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Marketing Copywriting: Why ‘Just The Facts’ Won’t Cut It

Most entrepreneurs don't want to hear this. But in good faith, and for your own good, I have to say it: You must be persuasive in your marketing...and probably to a greater degree than you're [...]

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What One Thing Determines Your Marketing Results The Most?

Most business owners don’t know the answer to what’s the single biggest factor in their marketing results. In fact, most people don’t know the answer to what’s the single biggest factor in the results they [...]

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How To Use This Persuasive Headline Formula Without Messing It Up

Why is the headline formula below one of the most effective to use...and so easy to get right? "How To Yay Without Boo" Because it's so simple and catchy that you'll probably never forget it. (I never [...]

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