Forgotten Marketing Strategy From a Business Giant in 1941

Want to know a powerful marketing strategy from over 75 years ago? Don't sell your features. Instead, sell your benefits. Since when is focusing on benefits rather than features a forgotten marketing strategy, you ask? [...]

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If You Want Persuasive Marketing, 15 Words to Start With

You will never have persuasive marketing! Unless, that is, you first capture your prospect's attention. That's the sole job of a compelling headline (or subject line for emails)…to get your readers to read the next [...]

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Social Proof: Swipe My Testimonial Request System

Painful Truth: Most people hate writing testimonials. Marketing Truth: One of the best and most affordable ways of putting social proof to work for your business is through testimonials. Proven Solution: So what's the simplest [...]

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Social Proof: 5 Testimonial Items You Must Ask For

Ever heard this saying? Everyone wants to be first to be second. That's human nature. If we don't see someone else wading into the lake yet, we think it can't be a good idea. So [...]

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Using Sugarman’s Seeds to Keep Your Audience Curious?

Sugarman's seeds keep audiences curious. And being curious keeps audiences reading. Why is that important? Because if you don't keep your audience reading, then it doesn't matter how stellar or helpful or persuasive your marketing [...]

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A Quick Word of Encouragement For You

Hey, just wanted to pay-forward a bit of encouragement. Here it is: You have what it takes to get where you want to get! Why the word of encouragement? Well, last week someone told me [...]

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