Are Your Benefits Connected To Your Features? (How Pro Copywriting Does It)

Quick vital marketing test: Can you see the end picture in the connect-the-dots mess above?

It’s not that easy. And even if you figure it out, it takes time and work.

Now, I can see the end picture right away.

But that’s no surprise…I knew in advance what the end picture was!

And that’s the big mistake you must avoid in your marketing…

Your Prospects Don’t Know The End Picture

You see, YOU already know the benefits your product or service offers.

YOU know the end picture that your prospects should see and get excited about.

But THEY don’t see it.

And just telling them your features sure as heck won’t make it clear.

And even telling them your features AND telling them your benefits won’t make it clear.

No. You gotta go further than that with your copywriting.

You gotta CONNECT the dots for them…otherwise they just see a mess of points and details…like the mess above.

And since they’re looking for end results (as opposed to a mess), they’re going to look elsewhere.

What’s The Solution?

So, what do you do? Connect the dots!

Leverage copywriting that makes it impossible for them to miss the connection between your features and their benefits.

How do you do that?

Do what the pros do. Use phrases that tell your prospect why the feature in question represents a benefit that matters to them.

Phrases such as “…which means to you…” or “…which means you get…” or “…so you can…” or even just “…so…”.

Want an example?

Okay. Here’s some sales letter copy we wrote for a client doing an information product launch.

The product helps businesses develop their own professional business websites.

One of the product’s features was a module teaching all about security and backup.

Now, you MIGHT think that all you’d need to say for prospects to value this module is that it will teach you about security and backups…but that would be your first and biggest mistake.

That’s like showing your prospects that mess of dots and numbers we saw above.

No. You need to connect the feature of “security and backups” in an unmistakable way with the benefits it brings to the table.

And to do that, we used the ever handy “…so you can…” connector. Check it out below:

Module 5: Security & Backups – How to protect your website so you can sleep at night without having to worry about whether some thoughtless hacker is destroying all your online efforts with a heartless keyboard click.

See how that works? The featuresecurity and backups – is now clearly connected to the benefityou sleeping at night without having to worry about whether some thoughtless hacker is destroying all your online efforts with a heartless keyboard click.

Now, just imagine your prospects reading your connect-the-dots copy and suddenly having an a-ha moment: “Oh…I see…wow! Never thought of that! Hey, I need that!”

Doesn’t that sound good to you!

Put It Into Action

So, now it’s time to put this into action for your own business in two ways.

First, look over your existing marketing. (Or far better, get someone totally unfamiliar with your product or service to check out your marketing.)

Are your benefits unmistakably connected to your features?

If not, connect those dots!

Second, as you’re continually developing new marketing messages (like you know you should be), run it through that same test.

Do you have a mess of points and details?

Or is there a nice clear picture…like the one below!


And if you don’t connect the dots?

Well, then you’re wasting time and effort with your marketing.

Why? Because you’re taking it more than halfway there…but then leaving money and conversions on the table. Needlessly.

On top of that, prospects aren’t only looking for you to help make their lives better AFTER the sale…they’re also looking for you to help them decide which solution they’re going to select BEFORE the sale.

And you do that by connecting those dots!

Want Some Help?

Fortunately, connecting the dots is exactly what we specialize in.

Marketing Hospital will tap into the strength of direct response marketing and copywriting to provide:

  • Marketing Strategy: determining the best marketing technique(s) to showcase what you offer (in other words, how to drive more sales!)
  • Persuasive Copy: content that shows prospects how choosing you will make their lives better
  • Split Testing: comparing the conversion rates of one benefit vs. another benefit for a given feature (in other words, discovering what your prospects value the most)

Sounds Like Something You Could Benefit From!

Want your own connect-the-dots solution? Not surprised! I’m sure you already have more than enough on your plate. So take a load off and see how we can help.

Check out how you can have healthier leads, healthier sales and healthier referrals…which means more revenue to play with…which means a happier YOU!…even if you have no idea where to begin.

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