Social Proof: Swipe My Testimonial Request System

Painful Truth: Most people hate writing testimonials.

Marketing Truth: One of the best and most affordable ways of putting social proof to work for your business is through testimonials.

Proven Solution: So what’s the simplest and most guaranteed way to actually get a client or customer to give you a testimonial?

In my last post, Social Proof: 5 Testimonial Items You Must Ask For, I said I’d let you in on how I successfully get happy clients to give me glowing testimonials all the time.

And here it is…

Instead of asking them to give ME a testimonial, I give THEM one instead!

Let me explain.

Making Social Proof Easy

We all avoid things that seem ‘too hard.’

So the best way to make the process of giving a testimonial easy is to write a SAMPLE testimonial yourself.

(Don’t worry, I’ll give you the exact script I use in a minute so you know exactly how to do this.)

You see, by presenting your client or customer with that SAMPLE testimonial:

  • You make it drop-dead easy for them to ‘give’ you a testimonial…because they don’t have to write it in the first place
  • BONUS: You also get to craft the testimonial to be exactly the way you’d like it to be (HINT: make it address and overcome ONE of the top objections you get from prospects)

SPOILER ALERT: If this approach already seems like it’s not a good fit for you, I’ll let you in on a secret: I wouldn’t use it either at first. But if you keep reading, you’ll see a bit further down what changed my mind about it.

Avoiding ‘Inbred’ Social Proof

The one thing you need to avoid when writing SAMPLE testimonials for clients and customers is having all your testimonials sound the same.

How do you avoid ‘inbred’ sounding testimonials?

Use other words (that is, words that YOU don’t usually use)…

…use different lengths of sentences for different testimonials…

…use different tones (e.g., ‘Wow!’ vs. ‘I was impressed’)…

…and different degrees of formality (e.g., ‘Grant was extremely professional’ vs. ‘You rock!’)…

…and most of all, write the SAMPLE testimonial using the words, length of sentences, tone, and degree of formality that you’d guess your client or customer would use.


So that when they read it, they think,

“Sure. I can imagine myself saying that.”

Here’s Your Social Proof Swipe Script

And here it is…the exact system I use to successfully get social proof testimonials from my happy clients.

Well, this isn’t the ENTIRE system I use. I’ve just included the wording related to presenting your SAMPLE testimonial to your client or customer.

Feel free to copy/paste what I use as is…or change it so it fits you…or chuck it all out and build your own system.

So you know, sometimes I’m actually saying these words to clients over the phone.

But usually, I’m emailing these words, so that’s how I’ve presented it below.

(And remember, you’re only working this system when you KNOW you have a client or customer that has recently consumed your product or service, and is now happy they did!)


{first name}, can I get a testimonial? (I’ve even included a pre-written one in case that helps)


{first name}, good to hear {insert whatever they’ve told you they like about your product or service}.

{Insert any tips or helpful advice and/or other expressions of your appreciation}.

You can’t imagine how helpful it is for me (and other people like you) to be able to have testimonials from my happy {customers/clients} on my website…so I really must ask if you’re up for giving me a testimonial.

What’s most important to me, {first name}, is that you feel absolutely no pressure here.

Now, if you are up for it, I know that some people hate writing testimonials.

So I’ve provided one below that you can (1) use as is, (2) modify as you want, or (3) simply delete and replace with your own.

(Friendly Tip: If you do write your own, it helps to think before/during/after.)

Like I said, if you can send me a testimonial, it would mean the world to me…and if you’re not up for it, well, {insert a compliment such as “I still think you’re great!” or appreciation such as “I’m still delighted to hear you’re a happy customer/client!”}.

Either way, thanks, {first name}.


{insert your sample testimonial here}

*********SAMPLE TESTIMONIAL ENDS HERE**************

The Big Objection(s) To This System

Does this system seem pushy to you? Or assuming? Arrogant? Offensive?

If so, I’m not surprised. It did to me too when I first learned about it.

Like I said above, I wouldn’t even use it at first.

But then I found that most people I asked for testimonials didn’t get around to giving me one (and you DON’T want to be pestering them about something like that).

Or they’d give me a testimonial that I appreciated for the thought it represented…

… but it was worded in a way that really wasn’t helpful when it came to strategically marketing my business.

So I started using this system, and found it works great (without any complaints from my clients! They usually thank me for the sample testimonial because it made the process so easy for them!).

But back to you.

What do you do if you feel this system is pushy or assuming or arrogant or offensive or something else that puts you off?

My suggestion? Try it. See how it works.

And regardless of whether or not a client or customer gives you permission to use your sample testimonial, later ask them if they thought it was pushy or assuming or arrogant or offensive.


Because it’s always better to base your marketing actions on your clients’ and customers’ perceptions, than on your own!

How Do YOU Get Testimonials?

How about you? How do you get testimonials? Any specific formula or script or system?

Pop your answer in the comments below…so we can all be better marketers!