Never Send Another Piece Of Marketing Out The Door That’s Missing A Vital Direct Response Marketing Element (Part 1 of 3: Persuasion)

In another post, we established that Direct Response Marketing (DRM) is the only kind of marketing worth your hard-earned dollars.


  1. It persuades your audience to take action…
  2. It includes a clear call to action that can be measured, and…
  3. It can be scientifically tested and improved as you go along.

And those are the 3 vitals you need to have in place before you send any direct response marketing piece out the door…

…if you’re going to have any hope of getting your marketing money’s worth, that is.

Marketing Hospital image - Direct Response Marketing Vitals

And since this is Part 1 of a 3-part series, this post will explore…

VITAL #1 of 3 — Persuasion (Motivate)

“Most people are like automobiles. They can be pushed or pulled along, or they can be moved to action by starting their own motive power from within. In either case, you must provide the fuel. And the only fuel that will start the sort of action you want from within is desire. Arousing that desire in your reader is known as the gentle art of exercising persuasion.”
Robert Collier, The Robert Collier Letter Book

Sometimes business people are uncomfortable with the idea of persuasion.

They think using marketing to motivate people to do things is being manipulative. Or somehow sleazy.

The truth is that, as powerful as it is, Direct Response Marketing can’t create desire.

It can only fan it. Arouse it. Bring it to the surface. Tease and enhance it.

Use Persuasion To Feed Existing Desires

Which means that persuasion really only involves stoking up those desires your prospects or customers already have

and then linking their desires to your offer.

Persuasion motivates your prospects and customers to want the value you offer.

Yes, it can’t create desire within them, but it sure can create demand for your product or service.

Ask Yourself This Persuasion Question

Which is why it’s important that you ask yourself this VITAL #1 Persuasion question…

“Does this marketing piece connect the fulfillment of my market’s desires with my product or service?”

PRO TIP: If you’re not sure if a particular marketing piece is persuasive, simply ask some of your better customers or clients what they think about it. Most people are more than happy to help out when they’re being treated as experts. We use this approach all the time at Marketing Hospital!

If you can answer the question above with a hearty YES!, then the persuasiveness of your marketing piece will naturally feed into the next Direct Response Marketing vital: Call To Action (which we’ll cover in another post).

Sounds Like Something You Could Benefit From!

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