Never Send Another Piece Of Marketing Out The Door That’s Missing A Vital Direct Response Marketing Element (Part 2 of 3: Call To Action)

As we said in Part 1 of 3, you need to have the 3 Direct Response Marketing vitals working for you if you’re going to have any hope of getting your marketing money’s worth:

Marketing Hospital image - Direct Response Marketing Vitals

And since this is Part 2 of 3, this post will explore…

VITAL #2 of 3 – Call To Action (Provoke)

“…the great point is to get immediate action. People are naturally dilatory. They postpone, and a postponed action is too often forgotten. Do something if possible to get immediate action. Offer some inducement for it. Or tell what delay may cost. Note how many successful selling letters place a limit on an offer. It expires on a certain date. That is all done to get a prompt decision, to overcome the tendency to delay.”
Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising

Like it or not, without that strong, vital Call To Action (or CTA), your conversion rates simply won’t be what they could be

and I know you don’t want to leave leads, sales or referrals on the table!

Your Prospect = A Sloth

Top direct-response copywriter John Carlton recommends imagining your prospect as “a gigantic somnambulant sloth, spread out on the couch, loathe to move his sleeping bulk, phone just out of reach.”

The point is that your marketing needs to compel them…provoke them…to move.

And to move NOW!

Besides, you’ve already invested in VITAL #1 (persuasiveness) to stir up your prospects’ desires.

You’ve gotten under their skin. Now they’re looking to scratch that itch.

They WANT you to tell them how to get the relief your offer promises!

Ask Yourself This Call To Action Question

Which is why it’s important that you ask yourself this VITAL #2 Call To Action question…

“Does this marketing piece tell my prospects to get my product or service (or offer) right now…and exactly how to do so?”

PRO TIP: Remember that your Call To Action doesn’t necessarily have to be about making a purchase. It could be to opt in to a newsletter. Or to fill out a survey. Or comment on a blog post. Or register for a webinar. Whatever your Call To Action is, though, it involves telling your prospects precisely what they need to do right now to move closer to fulfilling their desires!

If you can answer the question above with a hearty YES!, then your marketing piece’s Call To Action will naturally feed into the next DRM vital: Track & Test (which we’ll cover in another post).

Sounds Like Something You Could Benefit From!

Want your own Direct Response Marketing calls to action working for you? Then you’re one smart cookie!

Check out how you can have healthier leads, healthier sales and healthier referrals…which means more revenue to play with…which means a happier YOU!…even if you have no idea where to begin.