Never Send Another Piece Of Marketing Out The Door That’s Missing A Vital Direct Response Marketing Element (Part 3.1 of 3: Track)

As we said in Part 1 of 3 and in Part 2 of 3, you need to have the 3 Direct Response Marketing vitals working for you if you’re going to have any hope of getting your marketing money’s worth.

By way of reminder, here are those 3 vitals again:

Marketing Hospital image - Direct Response Marketing Vitals

And since this is Part 3.1 of 3, this post will explore…

VITAL #3.1 of 3 – Track (Know)

“You need real, hard facts and data to make good, intelligent marketing decisions. Making such decisions based on what you or your employees think is happening, feel, guess, have a sense of, etc. is stupid. And you don’t want to be stupid, do you?”
Dan Kennedy, No B.S. Direct Marketing

You can see from that quote above why Dan Kennedy is known as ‘the professor of harsh reality’!

But more important, he’s also known as ‘the Millionaire Maker’…and with no-nonsense advice like that gem above, it’s no wonder!

You see, tracking is a huge reason why Direct Response Marketing is the only kind of marketing worth your hard-earned dollars.

Why? Because…

  • You need to know your numbers, especially return on investment (ROI)
  • Traditional marketing leaves you flying blind when it comes to your vital numbers
  • Direct Response Marketing and tracking connect your market’s actions to your specific marketing campaigns (in other words, it’s accountable!)

Ask Yourself This Tracking Question

Which is why it’s important that you ask yourself this VITAL #3.1 Tracking question…

“Is this marketing system designed so that I know my vital numbers: conversion rate, leads captured, sales made, cost of acquisition, etc.?”

If you can answer the question above with a hearty YES!, then your marketing system’s Tracking will naturally feed into its vital counterpart: Testing (which we’ll cover in another post).

Pro Tip

Be sure to gather ALL the numbers you need to determine if a marketing effort is profitable.

For example, you could have a new customer acquisition campaign that costs more money than it generates in sales

…so is that an unprofitable marketing effort?

It could seem that way…IF you only look at that campaign’s costs and revenues.

BUT what if that same campaign gives you customers that make profitable backend purchases?

When you include the numbers across your entire customer lifecycle, what originally looked like an unprofitable customer acquisition system could suddenly be one of your most valuable assets in terms of ROI.

Sounds Like Something You Could Benefit From!

Want your own trackable Direct Response Marketing assets working for you? Then you’re one smart cookie!

Check out how you can have healthier leads, healthier sales and healthier referrals…which means more revenue to play with…which means a happier YOU!…even if you have no idea where to begin.