Never Send Another Piece Of Marketing Out The Door That’s Missing A Vital Direct Response Marketing Element (Part 3.2 of 3: Test)

As we said in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.1 of this series, you need to have the 3 Direct Response Marketing vitals working for you if you’re going to have any hope of getting your marketing money’s worth.

By way of reminder, here are those 3 vitals again:

Marketing Hospital image - Direct Response Marketing Vitals

And since this is Part 3.2 of 3 (and the last part of this series), this post will explore…

VITAL #3.2 of 3 – Test (Improve)

“The only way to know what really works is to gain experience from many tests. From seeing many results, you can discover human behavior patterns from similar test situations and continuously improve your conversion intuition.”
Chris Goward, You Should Test That!

The harsh reality is you can’t rely on all the ‘best practices’ you constantly hear about.


  • Many of them have never been tested themselves for effectiveness
  • Those that have been tested often grow outdated, tired or just plain oversaturated
  • Just because a ‘best practice’ works in one market doesn’t mean it works for your market

What You Don’t Know Without Testing

But most important of all is this…

there could be a far better ‘best practice’ out there that hasn’t been discovered yet

…one that would give you a serious competitive advantage

…but you’ll never know about if you mindlessly follow the Pied Piper’s song of best practices.

Testing In Action

For example, we did a VERY simple split test of two versions of a landing page for one of our clients recently.

The difference in conversions?

Over 9% more opt-ins to their list…

…with one of those opt-ins converting into an extra $5185.00 in revenue within a little over two weeks.

And only more to come!

Was that little test worth it?

Our client has no doubt it was!

Would a 9% boost to your lead capture rate help you make more money?

Of course it would!

Ask Yourself This Testing Question

Which is why it’s important that you ask yourself this VITAL #3.2 Testing question…

 “Is this marketing system designed to test different versions to see which appeals produce the best results (i.e., testing different versions of your copy, photos, offer, perceived value, price, etc.)?”

If you can answer the question above with a hearty YES!, then your marketing system’s Testing will naturally help you have healthier marketing…and a happier you!

Pro Tip

Make sure you test different prices for your products and services.

And if you’re squeamish about testing what seems to you to be a particularly high price (e.g., 30 to 40% greater than your regular price)…

…simply run a split test where only a MINORITY of your customers see the HIGHER PRICE (e.g., 15% of your traffic sees a 30 to 40% greater price).

Sounds Like Something You Could Benefit From!

Want your own testable Direct Response Marketing assets working for you? Then you’re one smart cookie!

Check out how you can have healthier leads, healthier sales and healthier referrals…which means more revenue to play with…which means a happier YOU!…even if you have no idea where to begin.