The Solution To Marketing Uncertainty

When I was about 6 years old, my parents gave me a storybook parable.

And I completely missed the moral of the story!

Little did I know how that would affect my business years later.

You see, the story was about 3 fellows.

Their master was going away for a time…but before he left, he entrusted each of them with money to grow.

Two of the fellows invested in business ventures and grew the money they’d been entrusted with.

But the third fellow was afraid.

How Fear Paralyzes Potential

So the third fellow buried the money he’d been entrusted with…

…thinking he was playing it safe

…that he couldn’t lose that way.

But when the master returned, he scolded the third fellow for his fear.

He had squandered the potential he had in hand.

I Missed The Moral Of The Story

Like I said, I was about 6 years old when I first read that story…

…and I completely missed its moral!

Instead, I completely identified with the third fellow.

Heck, I was 6!

What did I know about engineering a successful business venture!

And I thought that, if I’d been in that story, I’d have hidden that money too.

Just the thought of potentially investing that money in something that didn’t work…

…well, even as a little kid, it scared my pants off.

I just couldn’t bear the uncertainty of it all.

The Inevitability of Marketing Uncertainty

But as I grew older, I learned 2 things that enabled me to face the uncertainty of business and marketing:

  1. Uncertainty is an inescapable part of life.
  2. ‘Failing’ as an adult isn’t the same as ‘failing’ when you’re a kid.

As a kid, ‘failing’ (often) means feeling bad, ashamed, humiliated, disempowered…or any number of other negative emotions.

But as an adult, ‘failing’ means learning what doesn’t work so that you can be more successful.

And since I’d learned that uncertainty is an inescapable part of life…

I decided to change how I approached uncertainty.

Instead of burying my potential out of fear (like the third fellow in the parable), I decided to act like the first 2 fellows in the story.

My Affirmation Of Boldness

And that’s when I came up with this affirmation that I could repeat over and over and over to myself:

“I am bold in the face of uncertainty.”

What I liked about this affirmation was that it acknowledged that the uncertainty was still there…

…would always be there…

…but that I was going to act with boldness despite that uncertainty.

The Solution To Marketing Uncertainty

Since then, I’ve noticed how many of my clients are like that third fellow in the story.

They don’t have absolute certainty that a particular marketing strategy will work.

And they’re correct!

They’re afraid of investing in a marketing funnel because they know it could fail.

And they’re correct!

Correct in the sense that there’s always uncertainty in marketing…

…but incorrect in thinking that, like the third fellow, the answer is to do nothing out of fear.

They’re incorrect in forgetting that, as an adult, ‘failing’ means learning what doesn’t work so that you can be more successful.

The Moral Of The Story

So, what’s the story’s moral that I missed when I was six?

I think it’s this:

“The successful response to uncertainty is to act boldly.”

Are you holding back in your marketing efforts because you don’t have absolute certainty you won’t fail?

If so, I encourage you to act boldly despite uncertainty!

Want Some Help With That?

When you’re walking an uncertain road, having someone at your side always helps.

That’s the role we play at Marketing Hospital.

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