Case Study: Harry Rosen’s 10 Smart Marketing Strategies – Part 3 of 3

Want to be a smarter marketer?

Good! That means that in Part 1 of 3 you learned to:

  • watch what other smart marketers do, and then…
  • borrow their marketing strategies.

It also means the 3 smart marketing strategies we covered in Part 1 of 3 and the 4 marketing strategies we piled on in Part 2 of 3 weren’t enough for you.


You’ll remember how I received a 4-paragraph snail-mail letter the other day from high-end clothier Harry Rosen.

Well, here are the last 3 of the 10 smart marketing strategies from that letter.

Get ready to see how you can borrow these strategies for your own business.

Marketing Strategy #8: Paint a Happy Outcome

You might remember from Part 1 that Harry Rosen’s letter used the marketing strategy of ‘news jacking’ by tapping into the current news topic of stimulus packages.

Now, stimulus packages imply hard times…so they’re not necessarily considered to be a ‘happy’ topic.

But Harry’s team was smart enough to know that a super effective way to move prospects to buy your product or service is to paint a happy outcome.

In other words, SHOW them what their future will look like after they consume your offer.

When you paint a happy outcome, tap into as many of the senses as you can:

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Touch
  • Taste
  • Smell

You can also tap into the imagination…which is what Harry Rosen did with this line from their letter:

“As always, your Clothing Advisor can assist you in finding just the right outfit for a positive spring.”

See how positive that picture is?

“Just the right outfit…”

“…a positive spring.”

Sounds good to me.

And with that picture embedded in my mind, I’m much more likely to head on down to Harry Rosen to check out how I can make that picture my new reality.

Marketing Strategy #9: Back End Sales

As a clothier, Harry Rosen has a natural business model for back end sales.

In other words, they have stuff to sell me AFTER my initial purchase.

Does YOUR business have stuff to sell your customers after their initial purchases?

If so, great!

And are you bringing these back end offers to their attention like Harry Rosen did with this letter?

Actually, you’ll remember from Part 1 that they actually ‘created’ a ‘widget’ to give them a specific reason to pitch me on their latest back end offer.

Widgets are great if your business model doesn’t cause your clients and customers to assume they’ll be coming back to you for more stuff after their initial purchase.

For example, if your business built backyard patios for people, your customers might think,

“Sure, they built me a great patio…but why would I do business with them again until I need another patio?”

To avoid your customers thinking that way, you could create your own back end widget.

For example, you could create a yearly ‘tune up’ service where you power-wash their deck…and with the deluxe version of the widget, you also re-stain their deck.

Now you have a reason to get in front of your single-purchase clients with a back end offer.

In other words, now you have a reason for them to buy more of your stuff, and a reason for you to get more of their money.


Marketing Strategy #10: Reason Why Copy

Harry Rosen was smart to craft their marketing message so that it included ‘reason why’ copy.

What’s ‘reason why’ copy?

That’s where you provide a valid reason why you’re making the offer in question. For example:

  • End of the year inventory blow out
  • You just received a new product
  • Annual customer appreciation day

Or, in Harry Rosen’s case, here’s the reason why they’re making this special offer to me:

“When I take a look around the world, I see that it’s the same everywhere: countries trying hard to jump-start their economies.

Canada is no exception. At Harry Rosen, we’re inspired by their efforts and have chosen to follow suit (temporarily) and embrace the notion of our own fiscal stimulus.”

See what they did? They used the ‘news jacking’ strategy to bring up the trend of the need for fiscal stimulus, and then tied it into the ‘reason why’ they’re making this offer.

Why is ‘reason why’ copy smart (and important)?

Because you want your prospects and customers to trust you…

…and since they’ll smell an unfounded promotion a mile away, the onus is on you to give them a real, honest-to-goodness reason WHY you’re extending the offer in question.

If you give them a real reason why, then they can trust you’re being straight up with them, which makes them less resistant to taking you up on your offer.

Stay Tuned For More Marketing Strategies

Now while this brings us to the end of Harry Rosen’s 10 smart marketing strategies, there are lots more where those came from!

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