Social Proof: 5 Testimonial Items You Must Ask For

Ever heard this saying?

Everyone wants to be first to be second.

That’s human nature.

If we don’t see someone else wading into the lake yet, we think it can’t be a good idea.

So we sit on the beach, thinking we want to be safe and warm and dry on our towels…

…but that’s only until we see someone splashing and diving and having a blast in the water.

Suddenly, we feel like it just might be a good idea to take a dip.

After all, if THAT person’s doing it, it must be okay and fun and worth it.

That’s what we marketers call social proof.

It’s a polite way of saying monkey-see-monkey-do

…or, more to the point, me-no-see-monkey-do, me-no-do-either!

I’ll get to the best and most affordable way for you to get social proof working for you in a moment, but first let me explain why you need it.

Social Proof and You

For you, as a business owner or entrepreneur, social proof is vital.

If you’re not leveraging it in your marketing, you’re doing yourself a huge disfavour.


Because me-no-see-monkey-do, me-no-do-either!

That means you must demonstrate to prospects that other people just like them have already taken the plunge.

Other people have taken you up on your offers.

Other people have benefitted from the value you deliver.

Other people are already enjoying the end results that come from consuming your products or services.


Because everyone wants to be first to be second…so you have to show them that they are NOT the first to dive in.

Testimonials and Social Proof

One of the best and most affordable ways of putting social proof to work for you is through testimonials.

Simply put, you get happy clients or customers to give you permission to use a mini-story about their experience with you:

  • How they felt before
  • How they felt after
  • What they liked best
  • How it overcame their objections, fears, concerns
  • What their ultimate happy outcome was

And so on.

But when you go to ask them for a testimonial, you DON’T just ask for their testimonial.

No, you also need to ask them some other vital questions too.

5 Testimonial Items To Ask For

Before I get to the 5 items you have to ask for when getting testimonials, there’s the issue of HOW you ask for these things.

If you’re asking on a printed form or a web-based form, have a checkbox they can check to indicate their approval.

If you’re asking via email, write the question in the email followed by ‘yes/no’…and in the email, ask them to indicate their answer by simply deleting the ‘yes’ or the ‘no’.

Enough said. Now here are the 5 items you need to ask for.

ITEM #1: Permission

“Yes, you can use my TESTIMONIAL in your various marketing materials”

ITEM #2: Photo

“Yes, you can use a social media PHOTO of mine in association with my testimonial (e.g., from LinkedIn or Facebook)”

ITEM #3: Logo (if your prospects are business owners)

“Yes, you can use my business LOGO in association with my testimonial. My website domain is www._______________”

ITEM #4: Info

“Yes, you can use the following INFO I’ve provided in association with my testimonial:

First Name:

Last Name:



Business Name:

Business Domain: www.___________________________”

ITEM #5: Testimonial

“Yes, you can use my TESTIMONIAL which I’ve provided here”

Using Your Social Proof

With those 5 items in hand, you’re all set to start using that testimonial everywhere you can:

  • On your site’s homepage
  • In your blog posts
  • In your product/service marketing materials
  • In your landing pages/sales pages
  • On your order forms (so they don’t abandon the ordering process)
  • On your ‘thank you’ pages & ‘stick’ emails/letters (so they don’t get buyer’s remorse)
  • In your email campaigns and special offer campaigns
  • In your newsletters
  • On your business cards
  • On postcards you mail out
  • In the sales scripts you write and use for your sales pipeline process

And everywhere else you communicate with your prospects, clients and customers.

The Easiest Way To Get a Testimonial

Next time I’ll let you in on the simplest and most guaranteed way to actually get a client or customer to give you a testimonial.

It’s definitely worth the wait, so watch for it! (Especially since most people hate writing the darn things!)

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Here’s to us all being better marketers!