Using Sugarman’s Seeds to Keep Your Audience Curious?

Sugarman’s seeds keep audiences curious.

And being curious keeps audiences reading.

Why is that important?

Because if you don’t keep your audience reading, then it doesn’t matter how stellar or helpful or persuasive your marketing content is…because it’s not getting consumed.

So how does Sugarman make readers curious?

Let me explain.

Those Curious Seeds of Curiosity

Sugarman learned he could make readers curious by using what he calls ‘seeds of curiosity.’

And how is it that he knows about this strategy for keeping audiences reading?

Well, that’s because ‘Sugarman’ is none other than Joe Sugarman, a copywriting legend in his own right.

Now here comes the good part.

As legends are often prone to do, Sugarman has shared many of the secrets of his success with those around him.

For example, he wrote Advertising Secrets of the Written Word and The Adweek Copywriting Handbook, among others.

And in that second book, he explained how you too can quickly and easily use ‘seeds of curiosity.’

So read on.

Some Curious Examples

Simply put, humans are curious by nature.

Once you let them know there’s a juicy tidbit to come, they want to move ahead and devour it.

So what do these seeds of curiosity look like?

Well, in that Sugarman book I mentioned, he gives 5 examples…and I’ve already used 3 of them in this article.

Can you spot which ones I’ve used from Sugarman’s list?

“But there’s more.”

“So read on.”

“But I didn’t stop there.”

“Let me explain.”

“Now here comes the good part.”

That’s right…I used the second, fourth and fifth ones.

But no matter which ones you use, you can make your readers curious…

…which increases the chances that they’ll read on…

…which increases the effectiveness of your marketing content.

Neat, huh?

At this point you might be asking,

“Okay, but what are open loops then, and why are they so important to my marketing content?”

Excellent question…and I’ll get to why open loops are important in a minute, but first we need to cover…

Some Curious Human Psychology

Now, it’s true I have a degree in psychology, but don’t go thinking I’ll explain everything about how the human mind works in this article.

But what I can tell you is this…the human mind does NOT like unfinished business.

In fact, the human mind seems to be largely programmed to solve problems. To answer questions. To tie up loose ends.

That’s why ‘cliff hangers’ at the end of a soap opera or TV show episode are so effective at hooking us into staying tuned.

We want resolution. We crave closure.

Which brings us to what we copywriters call ‘open loops.’

Open loops are another way of making your readers curious so they stay engaged with your marketing content.

And to see an example of an open loop in action…well, you just experienced one a moment ago when I wrote:

“Excellent question…and I’ll get to why open loops are important in a minute, but first we need to cover…”

See how that works?

I ‘opened’ a new subject or thought (i.e., that open loops are important)…

…then I promised I’d give you ‘closure’ to that loop I just opened in a minute…

…which makes you curious…

…which increases the chances that you’ll read on…

…which increases the effectiveness of my marketing content.

Neat, huh?

How Are YOU Making Readers Curious?

What about you? Are you using Sugarman’s seeds of curiosity? Open loops?

Let us know in the comments so we can all become better marketers!