If You Want Persuasive Marketing, 15 Words to Start With

You will never have persuasive marketing!

Unless, that is, you first capture your prospect’s attention.

That’s the sole job of a compelling headline (or subject line for emails)…to get your readers to read the next line of your marketing content.

Nobody knew that better than copywriter legend John Caples.

Fortunately for us, Mr. Caples passed along his wisdom (and scientifically-tested experience) when it came to writing headlines that grab your prospects’ attention.

So read on.

Your Persuasive Marketing 15-Word Start List

I won’t go into all the advice Caples shared in his classic Tested Advertising Methods.

But the next time you need to create a headline that draws your readers in, be sure to use this handy list of 15 proven words pro copywriters use to begin their masterpieces with:

  1. Introducing: “Introducing Four New Ways To Say I Love You Everyday” [cat food]
  2. Announcing: “Announcing A New Help In Solving Athletes Foot”
  3. New: “New 10-Channel Hand-Held GPS Only From Magellan”
  4. Now: “Now…Learn Both Ways To Write For Publication”
  5. At Last: “At Last – A Toothbrush Guaranteed For 6 Months”
  6. How To: “How To Keep Your Husband Home…And Happy”
  7. How: “How This New Invention Is Revolutionizing Concrete Construction”
  8. Why: “Why These Vitamins Can Make You Feel Peppier”
  9. Which: “Which Of These Five Skin Troubles Would You Like To End?”
  10. Who Else: “Who Else Wants A Kissable Complexion Within 30 Days?”
  11. Wanted: “Wanted – Your Service As A High-Paid Real Estate Specialist”
  12. This: “This Is The Quietest Dishwasher In America”
  13. Because: “Because Fleas Come Back”
  14. If: “If You Savor Growth And Security, We Give An Edge”
  15. Advice: “Advice To A Young Person Starting Out In Business”

Persuasive Marketing Is Always Engineered

How’s that for a helpful list to speed up writing your headlines?

Yes, I realize it takes time and effort to engineer these types of strategies into your marketing.

But it more than pays for itself, since the alternative of spending less time and effort…

…also means being left with marketing that doesn’t move your prospects to pay attention. Or to act.

That’s why you need to ‘Persuasion Engineer’ your marketing content.

(By the way, I learned the term ‘Persuasion Engineer’ from my sales coach, Eric Lofholm.)

And Persuasion Engineering is NOT only for headlines. It’s for EVERY PART of your marketing content.

For example, we Persuasion Engineer every bit of our clients’ content when delivering our Savvy Self-Promotion Solution…that’s where we:

  1. Capture the expert knowledge trapped in your head through a conversational Q&A style recording
  2. Persuasion Engineer that content so it grabs your prospects’ attention and moves them to act
  3. Multi-leverage that persuasive marketing content into:
    1. a book (so you’re instantly seen as THE expert in your field)
    2. a report (so you can offer a free goodie in exchange for prospects’ contact info)
    3. 48 blog posts (so you can enjoy a 1-to-2-year holiday from creating content)
    4. an armful of social media updates (so you stay top-of-mind with your prospects)

And while those specific types of marketing content COULD be a total game changer for you and your business, it still comes down to what I said at the very start:

You will never have persuasive marketing! Unless, that is, you first capture your prospect’s attention.

So be sure to use those 14 words to start your headlines (and email subject lines)…

…and stay tuned to learn more persuasive marketing strategies.

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